Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lord of the flies - shortest review

This movie is about group of children who were on some plain and then crashed into sea and ended on some deserted island. Now I will write you opinion about its interesting movie.
Something about this movie is strange because when you start looking it, first what you think this is just another film for children but when you come to the killing scenes, I wonder what is next, what to expect. There was some kid Ralf who was smartest and he tried to keep them all alive but like in every film this kind you got someone who is trying to destroy it all. In this case it was some kid Jack. I think people who made this movie tried to show us that minors cant make good decisions without adults and that’s why two innocent lives were lost because of nothing. Also they had big problems with finding food and they were fighting all the time like they were crazy .They adapted on that life like they were born on that island and raised. They stopped acting like normal kids and turned into some animals. Everything they did they were doing against themselves, when they should stay together and alive till help comes.
All in all I think that most of that kids did some horrible things , things that in the real life would never think of like pure evil got inside of them. Finally when help arrived they realized what they have become.

Lord of the Flies - another review

Lord of the flies is movie that certainly surprises you if you didn’t read same title novel written by William Golding. It’s a story about 20 young boys that end up on deserted island because their plain crashed into sea. From the start of their trouble you can see that they are very brave and capable to survive in rough environment. It is surprising that they had ideas how to light up fire and to find food even though you can see they were scared and confused. Two boys were more strong willed than the others so they split in two groups. That was the worst thing that could happen to them because the battles they started after splitting were turning into real and serious fights with deadly effect. Games they played at home on that island became real for them and in the end they didn’t noticed that friends they killed weren’t faking death. Their cruel behavior came out completely on surface when they kill their friends with pursue that they had to do it. It is ridicules how they excused themselves by imaging monster. Their goal was to make world from their imagination, world of tribes and pirates. The best scene in the movie is scene when they kill Piggy, it is even little funny. Piggy wanted to make peace and his speech was so honest and in the middle of it one boy just leaves his spear and throws a largest rock he could find on him. When he left spar I thought somebody there came to sense but he did exactly opposite. Now I know that kids should never be left alone, especially boys, because they have no boundaries in games. The end was happy but things they did were so shocking that you just cant be happy that they were saved. They didn’t deserve it.

Lord of the Flies - short film review

I would like to begin by saying that this film is in one hand very educative, because it shows us picture about real life, about, how people act in the wildness, far away from civilization, they become other persons, they just look at their self’s, and how could they survive. But in the other hand, I found this film a bit brutal because we see there a group of little boys, in the age of 11, who are ready to kill and just don’t bother about their friends when they are in trouble, and that’s just not how we wants things to be.
However, I think that their acting is logical. Because, those boys used to be innocent, and their biggest problem was when while they play football, when watch cartoons, and when is hard, they will write their home works. But now, situation is hard, they should act like adults, on the lonely island, and we must confess it isn’t easy for them at all! Most of them are immature, Jack and his company. Only Piggy and Ralph were the ones which carried about what will be with them. They try hard, but all boys wanted to be on Jack’s side just because he had food, they didn’t care if he beat other boys, or killed them! The saddest scene, for me, was when they killed Piggy, throwing a huge rock at his head. I think that those kinds of things are just not human. But, as I said at the beginning, this film just shows us a picture of real life, and obviously life isn’t always what it seems to be.
I’d conclude by saying that, in the and, it don’t even matter how hard you try to fix it all, there will always be those mean people who’ll try to stop what you want to achieve. That’s just the way thing go…