Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lord of the flies - shortest review

This movie is about group of children who were on some plain and then crashed into sea and ended on some deserted island. Now I will write you opinion about its interesting movie.
Something about this movie is strange because when you start looking it, first what you think this is just another film for children but when you come to the killing scenes, I wonder what is next, what to expect. There was some kid Ralf who was smartest and he tried to keep them all alive but like in every film this kind you got someone who is trying to destroy it all. In this case it was some kid Jack. I think people who made this movie tried to show us that minors cant make good decisions without adults and that’s why two innocent lives were lost because of nothing. Also they had big problems with finding food and they were fighting all the time like they were crazy .They adapted on that life like they were born on that island and raised. They stopped acting like normal kids and turned into some animals. Everything they did they were doing against themselves, when they should stay together and alive till help comes.
All in all I think that most of that kids did some horrible things , things that in the real life would never think of like pure evil got inside of them. Finally when help arrived they realized what they have become.

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